Getting young mothers out and about

Nanango is a small rural town about 200 kilometres north west of Brisbane, in Queensland. It is home to a growing number of young mothers in the town and surrounding areas, many of whom need to access services and support in the neighbouring town of Kingaroy, 30 kilometres away.

The challenge is that many of those young mothers don’t have transport to reach those services or indeed to bring them together with other women facing similar challenges.

This prompted the South Burnett CTC to create the Young Mothers program to bridge the gaps in health care and parenting education. The program provides both mothers and their children with increased development opportunities. Despite all of their great work, the transport challenge still remained.

The CTC approached FRRR for funding to purchase baby capsules and booster seats to enable young mothers and their children to attend medical appointments in Kingaroy and also take advantage of educational opportunities. CTC also wanted to be able to take the young mums to Toowoomba, a large regional centre, to participate in a leading family play centre, giving them the opportunity to interact with other people in similar circumstances. In addition, they sought funding for a variety of educational books, toys and DVDs to support early childhood education, as well as kitchen equipment to encourage healthy eating.

The funding approved for all these things allowed the South Burnett CTC to continue to support and expand the Young Mother’s program: the healthy eating program has evolved into a Community Kitchen project and there is now also a play group.

In the words of the Acting CEO, Kirsten Firman, “FRRR has helped us to nurture and encourage a desire for healthy living, healthy relationships, positive parenting, education and a positive future. We thank you wholeheartedly.”

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