Kitchen refit increases income opportunities for Burren Junction CWA

The Burren Junction Country Women’s Association (CWA) opened in 1924 and has been a constant  source of support, connection and delicious catering for the local community.  
Burren Junction CWA kitchent
When most Australian’s think of the CWA, they think of scones, jelly slice and carrot cake with cream-cheese frosting. But to continue baking these mouth-watering delights, the Burren Junction CWA rooms needed refurbishing 
The CWA rooms are the only ones in town with catering facilities that can be hired. So the rooms are used regularly for community meetings, as well as the weekly health nurse visits and drought relief projects.
The kitchen needed to be updated to meet work health and safety laws, while the nurses room was in dire need of a lick of paint.
After being nominated by a local grower, a $5,000 grant from the Aussie Cotton Farmers Grow Communities program, funded by Monsanto, allowed the CWA Branch in Burren Junction to receive a much-needed face lift and more user-friendly kitchen.
Lorna Gleeson, Burren Junction CWA Secretary, said that the kitchen refit enabled CWA Branch members and community members to enjoy an equipped and proficient kitchen. The kitchen was completed late 2017, just in time for the CWA to cater for several community events, including the local flower show and the Christmas Carols evening.
“The Branch’s main source of income is from catering and the improvements will increase room hire and allow us to do more catering jobs. 
“We will see the long-term impact of having a modern kitchen in the years to come, but in the short term, it has been wonderful to see branch members and community members working together to collaborate on the design of the new kitchen and to see the skills and confidence of branch members develop and increase during the design process.
“This grant made our kitchen renovation possible – we are so appreciative of your support,” said Ms Gleeson.
Hopefully this kitchen modernisation will support the Burren Junction CWA to keep catering for the local community for another 94 years!

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