Barista training for youth and disabled peoples in Pemberton

Pemberton Community Resource Centre

Pemberton is a small community in the South-west region of Western Australia. With an employment shortage in the hospitality industry and limited access to local training for disadvantaged adults, the Pemberton Community Resource Centre (CRC) saw an opportunity to make a real impact.

The CRC run a social enterprise, The Coffee Mill, which supports local people to employment through the running of a Job Ready Barista course. They set up the training facility in a closed local winery & restaurant, Lost Lake Wines and thus far have trained two local people to become Barista Trainers and 36 locals as Baristas.

They used a $4,890 Small Grant for Rural Communities to run a barista training course, which caters for disabled people and youth.

Working with other local community groups to identify people who would benefit from the barista training, the CRC were able to engage 42 participants!

The course was such a great success that the local school is interested in continuing to work with the CRC to provide the barista training to their students. It has also given local business operators the ability to employ locally, where previously they relied heavily on the itinerant workforce, helping to strengthen the local economy.

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