Supporting the educators

Organisation:      The Alyangula Daycare Inc
Project:                Improve Outcomes
Program:             REACH
Grant:                  $12,410
Place:                   Northern Territory

The Alyangula Community may be found some 630km south-east of Darwin. Highly pro-active and self-motivating, the community has established a community library and an education centre.

In applying for a REACH grant, the aim of community members was to fund visits from a senior consultant and practitioner specialising in early childhood development, education and behaviour management. The firm belief was that this would benefit parents, children and the staff who work with them.

A professional development workshop program was seen to be a key strategy. Staff would be trained in early detection of learning differences, behaviour management strategies and in discovering available resources for visual or experiential learners.  Additional parent information sessions on managing challenging behaviours and other topics of interest were also high on the agenda.

The community was delighted to receive a grant for $12,410 through the REACH program. FRRR recently received the following feedback from Alyangula group: “The project highlighted the need for professional development amongst early childhood educators at the day care and the local school.  This resulted in the design and the implementation of uniform behaviour management strategies across the early childhood sector. 

“The project also highlighted the need for one-on-one counselling for parents who had behaviour management issues with their children.  The day after Dr Carter’s parent evening presentation was completely booked out in half-hourly sessions.  Due to the high demand from our parents, she worked late into the night.  All parents gave very positive feedback on her knowledge and on the simple strategies to improve parental roles.

Working on the floor with day care staff, Dr Carter imparted very valuable ideas, analyses and strategies for managing challenging behaviour to achieve better education outcomes for children and parents.

The project was extremely beneficial to children, staff, parents and the community as a whole.  We are extremely grateful for this funding.”

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