Planning, Budgeting, Writing and Implementing grants

As part of the Creating Inspiring Rural Community Leadership and Engagement (CIRCLE) program, FRRR has developed a suite of four short animated clips aimed at helping Australian rural, regional and remote community groups to submit a compelling grant application and then effectively manage the grant.


The videos cover the following topics:

  1. Planning your Project – watch the video, or read the project planning transcript
  2. Preparing your Budget – click here to watch the video, or read the budgetting transcript
  3. Writing your Project Application – click here to watch the video, or read the project application transcript
  4. You Received a Grant – Now What? – click here to watch the video, or read the what's next transcript

All of them can be accessed via FRRR’s YouTube page.

Each clip is less than five minutes long and the topics are relevant to all community groups that are in search of funding or local support to get a project off the ground.

The helpful ideas and tips will save community groups time and energy in the initial planning stages of a new project, as well as ensuring that the project gets the maximum support and recognition if funding is granted.

If you have any questions or feedback on the videos, please email us or call 03 5430 2399.

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