Previous grant programs

FRRR has a proud history of funding natural disaster recovery projects that are tailored to the needs of individual disasters, which evolve over time to ensure emerging needs are met. 

Program name
Skills, Training, Engagement and Practical Support (STEPS)
This program, which has now concluded, was designed to enhance leadership in rural communities, improve the ability of not-for-profit groups to develop and implement community projects and ensure community groups avoid experiencing the effects of volunteer fatigue.

Repair-Restore-Renew 2013

The Repair-Restore-Renew 2013 program provided grants to support the medium-to-long term recovery of communities impacted by the bushfires, cyclones and floods in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland in 2013. 

Thanks to the collaboration of several donors, 5 grant rounds were conducted across these disaster-affected regions, with nearly $530,000 distributed in funding to 48 community groups.

Repair-Restore-Renew 2011

FRRR's Repair-Restore-Renew 2011 (RRR) Program helped communities recover from natural disaters, by providing grants that helped to address community needs that begin to emerge 12-18 months after the disaster event. FRRR's experience shows that this is the time when the focus often moves to community recovery, as individual needs have often been met. It is also the time when the rest of the world has often turned its attention to subsequent natural disasters.

The RRR 2011 program supported Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales communities impacted by the floods and cyclones in the summer of 2010/11.

Repair-Restore-Renew 2009
This program, now concluded, provided support for projects ranging from repairing minor infrastructure, such as community meeting places, providing equipment to help communities fundraise or provide local support, such as bbqs and trailers, to projects that enhanced community connectivity, wellbeing and resilience.


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