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FRRR is responsive to emerging and evolving community needs and the programs we offer reflect this. Sometimes programs run their course and are closed or put into hiatus - another need emerges, a donor partner moves on to funding something else or the issue or challenge the program was addressing is resolved.

Below are some of FRRR's previous programs categorised by the year grants were last awarded.


School and Beyond Program

The School and Beyond program was delivered from 2015 to 2020 in partnership with the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund (VBAF) across 11 LGA’s in 2009 bushfire-affected regions in Victoria. The program supported young people impacted by the fires, and the aims included removing financial and psychological barriers to participation and completion of study, supporting pathways to vocational training and employment; and to support the cost of education and training costs.

Find out more about School and Beyond here.


Small Grants for Rural Communities

Small Grants for Rural Communities was FRRR's flagship program, and has now concluded. As the needs of communities evolve, so too do our programs. The new evolution of SGRC, which is called Strengthening Rural Communities (SRC), still offers the same broad grants that were available under SGRC, with the added benefits of being a rolling program that is open year round and higher levels of funding.

Small Grants for Rural Communities ran for 34 rounds over a 17 year period.

Find out more about Small Grants for Rural Communities.

Domino's Give for Good

FRRR partnered with Domino's Pizza Enterprises Ltd for two years from 2016 to 2018 to deliver the Give for Good program, which was an annual program offering rural, regional and remote Australian communities grants of up to $5,000, for community-led projects that respond to one of these three impact areas:

  1. Education and youth initiatives (17 yrs to 25 yrs)
  2. Leadership and entrepreneurship (17 yrs and over)
  3. Skills, knowledge, and networks needed to prepare and recover from natural disasters.

The program was developed on the basis of the shared vision between Domino's and FRRR to work together to build vibrant, resilient and adaptive rural, regional and remote communities. We believed this could be achieved by harnessing and investing in the economic, community leadership and social strengths that exist in communities.

Find out more about Domino's Give for Good.

Social Innovation Fund

To address pressing and persistent social issues in three regional NSW communities, FRRR developed in collaboration with the NSW Department for Families & Community Services (FACS), the Social Innovation Fund that focused on the communities in and around the townships of Wagga Wagga, Eden and Kempsey on the South Coast of NSW.

The project followed four phases:

  1. Community engagement and consultation – to ensure that the funding addresses priority issues in each community.
  2. Co-designing the local responses and use of funding allocations.
  3. Developing an evaluation framework.
  4. Designing and administering a grants program or allocating financial investment to charitable projects.

Find out more about Social Innovation Fund.

Fast Track Ag Innovation

The William Buckland Foundation shared FRRR’s concern about the agricultural productivity stand-still, and the reduction in public agricultural research, development and extension that was translating to gaps in the innovation system. Partnering together they developed the Fast Track Ag Innovation program.

The pilot invitation-only grants program saw four farmer groups across four primary industries in Victoria use grants of $150,000 each, over three years, to drive the adoption of science and innovation to address one of their top three production constraints.

Find out more about Fast Track Ag Innovation.

Repair-Restore-Renew 2017

The Repair-Restore-Renew 2017 program provided grants to support the medium-to-long term recovery of communities impacted by the cyclones and floods in Queensland and New South Wales in 2017. 

Find out more about Repair-Restore-Renew 2017.


Social Change 101

FRRR is partnered with the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund to deliver the Social Change 101 program in three regions that were impacted by the 2009 Victorian bushfires.

Social Change 101 provided an opportunity for local change-makers to develop their ideas for social enterprises and learn from their community's leading business and social enterprise experts to gain the skills, knowledge and networks to bring their social enterprise idea to life for the broader benefit of their community.

The program kicked off with a community roundtable in November 2015 to introduce the initiative and build the support networks necessary to deliver the program and support the entrepreneurs and their ventures over the long-term. It then ran in 2016 in the Alpine / Indigo region and in 2017 in the Mitchell and Murrindindi regions.

Find out more about Social Change 101.

Community and Philanthropy Partnerships Week (CPPW)

Community and Philanthropy Partnerships Week was a three-year initiative created to celebrate the ways in which partnerships between grassroots community groups and philanthropy build strong and vibrant places to live and work. The Australian Government provided funding through the program, with the last funds distributed in August 2017.

The Leading Practices of Community and Philanthropy Partnerships report, which captured insights into effective partnerships from some of the groups that participated in CPPW can be found here.

The Australian Government remains committed to encouraging community and philanthropy partnerships, and is exploring options through the Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership. Visit the PMCPB website for more information.

Find out more about the Community and Philanthropy Partnerships Week program here.

REAPing Rewards

The Rural Education Australia Program, also known as REAPing Rewards, was a national program targeting educational outcomes in rural and remote communities.

The flexible program provided grants of up to $10,000 for not-for-profit community groups, early childhood service providers, and primary and secondary school community support committees, for locally developed or locally-driven ideas, projects and programs that would directly enhance the educational outcomes for children and students (0-18 years) in remote, rural and regional communities. 

Find out more about REAPing Rewards.

Innovation for Community Impact (I4CI)

The Innovation for Community Impact (I4CI) grant program supported innovative responses to issues including domestic and family violence, education disengagement, criminal behaviour, and unemployment. Partnered with the NSW government, the philanthropic sector and local community groups, the program helped addressed pressing and persistent social issues facing communities in ten regional NSW Local Government Areas across the Hunter New England, Mid-North and Central Coast districts.

Find out more about Innovation for Community Impact (I4CI).


Goulburn Valley - McEwen Foundation

Since 2007, in partnership with the McEwen Foundation, which is managed by Equity Trustees, FRRR provided grants for charitable projects within the wider Goulburn Valley District, Victoria. In 2016, the final round of the program delivered grants of up to $10,000 for projects and activities that offered a clear public benefit, for charitable purposes, and addressed a need in the community.

Find out more about Goulburn Valley - McEwen Foundation Grants.

Repair-Restore-Renew 2013

The Repair-Restore-Renew 2013 program provided grants to support the medium-to-long term recovery of communities impacted by the bushfires, cyclones and floods in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland in 2013. 

Thanks to the collaboration of several donors, 5 grant rounds were conducted across these disaster-affected regions, with nearly $530,000 distributed in funding to 48 community groups.

Find out more about RRR 2013.


Repair-Restore-Renew 2014

The Repair-Restore-Renew 2014 program provided grants to support the medium-to-long term recovery of communities impacted by the bushfires, cyclones and floods in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

  • Victorian bushfires - Feb 2014
  • Barossa Valley & Eden Valley bushfires - Feb 2014
  • Perth Hills bushfire - Jan / Feb 2014
  • Severe Tropical Cyclone Christine - Jan / Feb 2014

Due to limited funding available, only one grant was awarded. This went to the Shire of Mundaring, in the heart of the Perth Hills, where the bushfires in January 2014 destroyed 57 homes and damaged many more.

Lachlan Region Community Grants

This program provided funding, courtesy of the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation, for projects that addressed Education and Young People, Employment and Industry, Community Spirit and Stability or Services and Infrastructure for communities in the Lachlan Shire, NSW. The final grant round was run in 2015.

Find out more about Lachlan Region Community Grants.

Creating Inspiring Rural Community Leadership & Engagement (CIRCLE)

CIRCLE aimed to create capacity and enhance community leadership in rural and remote communities, tapping into local ingenuity and resources to reality-test ideas and put them into practice, learning along the way, as well as celebrating and sharing success stories.

The CIRCLE program had three components:
1. Training and development resources and materials - including webinars, animated video and video case studies;
2. A $350,000 grants program and diversity scholarships - twenty groups received grants up to $25,000, and four diversity scholarships were awarded to the value of $10,000;
3. An environmental scan to assess gaps in leadership training - the aim of the research was to ascertain what leadership development support is available across rural, regional and remote Australia and inform future investments. The full report has now been released and is available to download.

The CIRCLE program was developed by FRRR, with the support of the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

Find out more about the CIRCLE program here.


Skills, Training, Engagement and Practical Support (STEPS)

This program, which has now concluded, was designed to enhance leadership in rural communities, improve the ability of not-for-profit groups to develop and implement community projects and ensure community groups avoid experiencing the effects of volunteer fatigue.

Find out more about STEPS.


Repair-Restore-Renew 2011

FRRR's Repair-Restore-Renew 2011 (RRR) Program helped communities recover from natural disasters, by providing grants that helped to address community needs that begin to emerge 12-18 months after the disaster event. FRRR's experience shows that this is the time when the focus often moves to community recovery, as individual needs have often been met. It is also the time when the rest of the world has often turned its attention to subsequent natural disasters.

The RRR 2011 program supported Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales communities impacted by the floods and cyclones in the summer of 2010/11.

Find out more about RRR 2011.

Culture, Arts, Tourism and Cultural Heritage (CATCH)

Since inception, FRRR has provided funding for culture, arts, tourism, history and heritage across rural, regional and remote Australia. In 2009, we established the stand-alone CATCH program, to provide focused support for these areas, with five rounds running over six years.

We have since streamlined our program offering, and projects relating to culture, arts, tourism, history and heritage are now funded from other programs, depending on their outcomes.

Find out more about the CATCH program here.


Rural Early Childhood Education (REACH) program

The REACH program was established in 2009 to support the delivery of early childhood education across rural and remote Australia. The program ran for three years and subsequently informed the creation of the REAPing Rewards program.

Find out more about REACH here.

Repair-Restore-Renew 2009

This program provided support for projects ranging from repairing minor infrastructure, such as community meeting places, providing equipment to help communities fundraise or provide local support, such as BBQs and trailers, to projects that enhanced community connectivity, wellbeing and resilience.


Rural Education Program (REP)

The drought of the 2000's was one of the worst on record, causing devastation of agricultural production and the social and economic heart of rural communities. The Rural Education Program (REP) was established in 2002 as a short-term response to concerns about the effect of drought on children living in rural and remote areas of Australia.

The program ran for eight years (2002 - 2010) and it funded 385 projects across Australia to the value of $2.839 million. The success of this program has shaped FRRR's subsequent education programs, including REAPing Rewards. This program was also included among the Top 50 Philanthropic Grants of all time, which were announced in 2013.

Find out more about REP here.


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