Priority Funding Needs

Rural, regional and remote communities have diverse needs and are faced with long-term, as well as immediate challenges. Through our grant programs and relationships with communities across Australia, FRRR has identified a number of priority funding areas which we welcome donations toward.

FRRR will distribute donations received for the priority funding needs listed below to not-for-profit organisations in rural, regional and remote communities via the Strengthening Rural Communities program, unless otherwise specified in the table. Donations to support immediate drought relief can be made directly to our Tackling Tough Times Together program, or for longer-term impact, to our Disaster Resilience and Recovery Fund.

All donations above $2 are tax deductible and are greatly appreciated.

To lend your support to any one of these focus areas, simply click on the relevant button to donate securely online. Alternatively, you can download and complete this donation form to either send a cheque or make an EFT.

Thank you.

“Without organisations like FRRR and their donors we would not have had our Museum restored [following Cyclone Larry]. Cardwell’s history would have been lost forever. Cardwell might be a small town but we all help to contribute to Australia’s rich history. It would have been such a travesty to have lost that.”

Murray Massey, Cardwell Historical Society

The table below provides an outline of the areas that most need additional funding, right now. These are:
Renewing Rural Australia, post COVID-19

Rural community

FRRR is seeking to raise $200,000 through our End of Financial Year appeal to enable rural communities across Australia to respond to the impacts of COVID-19, through:

  • Local community groups and non-profits renewing their services in the face of COVID-19;
  • projects renewing and supporting the wellbeing and leadership development of young people;
  • initiatives renewing the economic prospects of their community.

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Donate now COVID-19
Medium to Long Term Disaster Recovery

Flooded road

  • Through the Disaster Resilience and Recovery Fund, FRRR focuses on providing assistance for preparedness initiatives and medium-to-long term recovery, i.e. 12 months after a disaster and beyond. Different needs emerge once the early recovery phase is complete and there is often limited funding available for these. FRRR’s grants are there to support the recovery once the headlines have faded. They also fund preparedness initiatives, as communities that are better prepared will recover better following a disaster event.
  • Projects supported by FRRR include community arts projects, rebuilding and improving community infrastructure, environmental recovery and revegetation, and community-level disaster preparedness initiatives.

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Drought-affected communities

Low dam during drought

  • Drought affects more than just  farmers - it has flow on effects throughout the whole community. Money dries up for the things that keep community members connected and supported – just when they need it most.
  • Help communities stay connected and keep things going that they can no longer fund from within the community.
  • Donations can be targeted to a specific region.
  • Our Tackling Tough Times Together (TTTT) program provides targeted grants to assist drought affected communities across the country.

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Small grants supporting a broad range of community issues

Small grant recipients - Girgarre Development Group

  • SRC provides flexible funding so community leaders can address whatever issues they face. This could range from enhancing local community meeting places to providing resources for a kinder, or even transport for the elderly. 
  • While small grants make a big difference, we've recently introduced grants up to $25,000, as the extra money allows community groups to think bigger and leverage the ideas, creativity and resources of communities for more significant impacts and stronger, more connected communities.
  • Help us change the equation for country communities.

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Community infrastructure and meeting places

  • Maintaining public meeting spaces and places is fundamental to the social fabric of rural, regional and remote communities, but often their size and remoteness means that these communities have less capacity to raise funds and access resources to address their issues.
  • Donations can be targeted to a specific geographic location, and / or towards a particular type of project.
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FRRR supports locally-driven projects that focus on lifelong learning, education and training in the following areas:

  • Supporting early childhood development;
  • Fostering school engagement / learning;
  • Helping people access further education / training; or
  • Supporting general or life skill development.

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Back to School

Back to School (BTS) is a national program that focuses on rural and regional children and families in need.

  • Provides gift vouchers from Target, or selected local stores, which are redeemed for items such as school uniforms, clothing, shoes, school bags and stationery.
  • Each year, demand for vouchers outstrips supply.
  • A donation of as little as $50 makes a significant impact through this program.

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“FRRR: thank you for your support! Not only for allowing us to improve our hall, but for the many other community halls that you must support. It is reassuring that there are organisations that understand that all communities large, small and remote rely on a meeting place for the township and their surrounding areas to have access to.”

Small Grants for Rural Communities grant recipient


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