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The intention of the Repair-Restore-Renew (RRR) Program is to help communities recover by addressing needs that emerge in the twelve months after the disaster event.

Funds are raised from the time of the event, however in keeping with FRRR’s Natural Disaster Framework, funds are not dispersed until 12 months after natural disaster has been declared.

This ensures support is available for the medium to long term recovery process.

Grants for community recovery projects and activities that offer clear public benefit are available for communities living in areas severely affected by a declared Natural Disaster. 

“Without organisations like FRRR and their donors we would not have had our Museum restored. Cardwell’s history would have been lost forever. Cardwell might be a small town but we all help to contribute to Australia’s rich history. It would have been such a travesty to have lost that.”

North Queensland grant recipients - Repair-Restore-Renew (RRR) 2011

Repair-Restore-Renew (Cyclone Debbie)

The Repair-Restore-Renew program supports not-for-profit groups in Queensland and Northern NSW communities affected by Cyclone Debbie and subsequent flooding.

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Previous funding rounds

The RRR program runs sub-programs for different disaster events. In most cases, there are multiple rounds of funding - although that depends on the support we receive from our donors and partners.

Round Focus Status
RRR 2017
  • Cyclone Debbi - Mar 2017

Program closed

RRR 2014
  • Victorian bushfires - Feb 2014
  • Barossa Valley & Eden Valley bushfires - Feb 2014
  • Perth Hills bushfire - Jan / Feb 2014
  • Severe Tropical Cyclone Christine - Jan / Feb 2014

Program closed

RRR 2013
  • Tasmania, NSW, Victoria bushfires - Jan 2013
  • Victorian bushfires - Jan / Feb 2013
  • South Coast NSW bushfires - Jan 2013
  • Northern NSW floods - Jan / Feb 2013
  • New South Wales bushfires - Oct 2013

Program closed

RRR 2011
This program helped communities affected by floods and cyclones in 2010 / 2011.

Program closed


Case studies

Further information

Enquiries should be directed to the Program Manager by email or telephone on 1800 170 020.

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