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One of FRRR’s fundamental tenets is that locals are the best people to make the important decisions about what is needed in their community. But sometimes, they need just a little help.

In addition to our granting programs, we help communities through Not-for-Profit Fundraising Accounts, and Community Foundation Accounts. These accounts are hosted by FRRR and allow rural communities to utilise our DGR status, enabling donors to make a tax deductible donation towards their project. They can be used to fundraise for a wide range of projects or programs – provided they are for a charitable purpose, and are consistent with FRRR’s objectives.

Some of our partners also hold Giving Sub-Fund Accounts to create tailored giving programs in partnership with FRRR, so they can reach groups they can’t normally reach. Many of these donors also welcome other donors to contribute to these funds.

Current Fundraising Accounts

The following Accounts are currently open and accepting donations for projects which include infrastructure, social inclusion and social capital, capacity building (only if a charitable organisation) and disaster recovery. (These were formerly known as Donation Accounts).

Anyone can donate to FRRR, including individuals and Private Ancillary Funds, and receive a tax deduction. This is because FRRR is covered by Subdivision 30-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997, and is specifically listed as a recipient for deductible gifts under section 30-105. FRRR donors can request that their funds are granted to specific Account partners - see the full list in the table below.

Link to map of fundraising accounts
Click on any one of the links below to make an online donation via our secure website to support rural, regional and remote Australia. 

To donate by cheque, EFT or  credit card, click on the Account Type heading in the relevant column below. This will take you to a page with more information about each account and project, and a link to its customised donation form.


Not-for-Profit Fundraising Accounts

Community Foundation Accounts

Giving Sub-Fund Accounts

Map of Fundraising Accounts

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