What our partners and key stakeholders say

FRRR gives us the opportunity to work with a trusted and credible partner. The FRRR team has networks, influence and experience which help us disseminate our funds in far more cost effective and efficient way than we can achieve on our own. FRRR acts as a conduit, enabling us to support regional, rural and remote communities in a professional manner with insight and empathy.

Mary Jung - Community Investment Manager, Wilson Group Limited

The Yulgilbar Foundation and FRRR have a long history of collaborative projects to support, replenish and rejuvenate rural, regional and remote communities across Australia. The partnership is one that has made many significant changes to the landscape of this country. We are particularly proud of receiving a joint award from Philanthropy Australia for our partnership on the Tackling Tough Times Together program.

Samantha Baillieu - Chair, Yulgilbar Foundation

FRRR has a unique ability to enable our clients to support small, grassroots organisations working to improve resilience in their communities, where they may otherwise struggle.

Peter Winneke - Former Head of Philanthropic Services, The Myer Family Company

The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal is a leader in medium to long-term recovery. Having supported recovering communities since 2006, they know a lot about what works and what doesn’t.

FRRR has harnessed all these lessons into an integrated, well-structured and well executed natural disaster recovery program that supports communities and helps them recover at their own pace.

Dr Wendy Scaife - Senior Research Fellow, Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies 

We have found FRRR to be a wonderful umbrella organisation through which we have been able to efficiently donate to many small and worthy rural charities. We could not have done the research required to reach each one directly.

FRRR’s reach, experience and approach makes it simple to make a difference where it matters.

Neville and Di Bertalli, Directors, Bertalli Foundation

What our grant recipients say

"When the community is responsible for the upkeep of their community hall, it becomes quite a financial burden at times.  It is very difficult to obtain funding for projects for these halls as they are seen as a poor investment.  

Without organisations such as FRRR offering these grants, I doubt it would be possible for community groups to be able to continue the upkeep of these halls to a standard that is safe for everyone to use. I found through my research that FRRR is really the only organisation that supports grants for historical halls. Your process to apply for grants is easy and very simple to follow. 

Thank you for your support; not only to allow us to improve our hall, but for the many other community halls that you have supported over the years. It is reassuring that there are organisations that understand that all communities - large, small and remote - rely on a meeting place for the township and their surrounding areas to have access to."

Petria Dufty, Treasurer - Banana  & District Community Association - SGRC Grant

“I'd like to convey the great thanks of Barossa YAC and of our community for the FRRR ABC Heywire program support which was fundamental in organising RACE - a Racial and Cultural Event. Our day began with a traditional Aboriginal smoking ceremony and the message was one of unity and that today, this land is one that is open to all cultures. It was a very special moment. This atmosphere of openness continued throughout the day with a broad cross section of our community participating in workshops and cultural challenges, as well as creating an anti-racism mural.

Our YAC cannot thank you enough for your support. Being a part of an event like this was an experience none of our committee will forget anytime soon. The opportunities for personal development and the planning of a long-term project were plentiful. Thank you for your support and for helping us make the Barossa a better place.”

YAC Barossa Heywire RACE project


Nathalie Johnstone - Barossa Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) - Heywire  2015

"I can't emphasise enough just how valuable this project has been, and continues to be, to our community, and what a catalyst it has become for the vision to developing 'cultural tourism' as an alternate industry for our community."

Mary Brown, President - Hinchinbrook Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Tourism Inc - ANZ Seeds of Renewal

"We are extremely grateful for the funding provided by FRRR to support this grant. It has changed the way we teach our students writing, right across the entire cluster. Your organisation should be extremely proud of the difference that they have make across the many areas of education – thank you."

Ovens Learning Community School Cluster - REAPing Rewards, Rd 2

“Without organisations like FRRR and their donors we would not have had our Museum restored. Cardwell’s history would have been lost forever. Cardwell might be a small town but we all help to contribute to Australia’s rich history. It would have been such a travesty to have lost that.”

Cardwell Historical Society


North Queensland grant recipients - Repair-Restore-Renew (RRR) 2011

Without the major grant funding from FRRR and the Visy Employees Community Fund our program could not have continued.

North Queensland grant recipient - Repair-Restore-Renew (RRR) 2011

The FRRR grant helped us to set up the men’s shed workshops with valuable tools and equipment. We are both thankful and appreciative.

Men’s Shed - Repair-Restore-Renew (RRR) 2011

I think that by providing funds for projects that were identified by the communities once the smoke had cleared, they could be directed towards projects that had long-term benefit and in doing so they probably met the needs of the communities.

Victorian bushfires community member, 2011

FRRR & Partners,

I am a parent with children attending a small country primary school in Victoria. I received a $50 voucher earlier this year from your Foundation to be used at a local ‘Country Target Store’.

In my case I used the money to buy school uniform tracksuit pants, socks and underwear for my sons (one in Year 2 and one in Year 4). 

I would like to express my gratitude and thanks for the money donated by all those responsible. This gesture was much appreciated by me and also by many others at our school who received the vouchers.

Back to School parent

Without this grant the project would not have gone ahead. We are extremely grateful and excited to receive the grant as it means we can begin to provide a service that was outside those otherwise available… Thank you for the opportunity.

Simone Lowe - George Town Neighbourhood House, Tasmania

The Men’s Shed is extremely thankful to FRRR in collaboration with the R.E. Ross Trust for funding this project… The benefits and safety to the men are quite significant, and to us - this is a most worthwhile investment.

Graham Muir - Nyah Men’s Shed, Victoria

The support we were given by the FRRR CATCH grant really helped us to detail the aspirations and requests from remote community members, which in turn allowed us to refine our ideas to create our current program (Regional Music Development Program).

The grant really provided a stepping stone for CAAMA Music to secure other funding and support for our music based programs for regional and remote NT.

Micheal ‘Miko’ Smith - General Manager, CAAMA Music  

We were so lucky to receive a grant from FRRR. It is so difficult for some rural communities to be able to afford all the requests we need to promote our areas I just wanted you to know how grateful we are to be one of your recipients in the recent round of funding. The equipment is being ordered as we speak and will be an added attraction to the Ararat area.

Gwenda Allgood

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