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...communities helping themselves

The programs under our Enable & Engage theme focus on helping communities to help themselves, and to engage within and across communities. Grants are broad – from infrastructure to programs. Our experience confirms time and again that the strongest, most resilient communities are those with strong leadership and with programs that actively and consistently engage all parts of community. Our Enable & Engage grant programs help communities to connect with one another, and provide particular support for engaging particular audiences.

These grants tend to have a broad reach. As you can see from the list below, some target particular groups within the community, such as youth, while others target particular needs within communities, like aged care.

We note that some projects could fit into more than one program. Specific details about each program can be found on their respective pages. For all programs, please read the information and program guidelines carefully and lodge an application to the one you feel is most appropriate, rather than make multiple applications.

Details of the programs currently available are below.

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