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Domino's Give for Good grants

This program is now closed.

FRRR partnered with Domino's Pizza Enterprises Ltd for two years from 2016 to 2018 to deliver the Give for Good program, which was an annual program offering rural, regional and remote Australian communities grants of up to $5,000, for community-led projects that respond to one of these three impact areas:

  1. Education and youth initiatives (17 yrs to 25 yrs)
  2. Leadership and entrepreneurship (17 yrs and over)
  3. Skills, knowledge, and networks needed to prepare and recover from natural disasters.

The program was developed on the basis of the shared vision between Domino's and FRRR to work together to build vibrant, resilient and adaptive rural, regional and remote communities. We believed this could be achieved by harnessing and investing in the economic, community leadership and social strengths that exist in communities.

The kinds of projects that were funded included:

  • Access to education, particularly adult education, job pathways and job readiness programs;
  • Supporting at-risk and vulnerable youth through, for example, programs focusing on prevention and early intervention;
  • Fostering youth leadership, engagement and meaningful participation;
  • Community-led health and wellness initiatives that directly address an identified local community need;
  • Fostering and skilling community leaders to create viable, vibrant and adaptive communities through community leadership programs;
  • Developing social enterprises;
  • Supporting the short, medium and long term recovery and preparedness of communities impacted by natural disasters. This includes economic recovery, improved social cohesion and connectedness, and the effective management of the social impacts following a natural disaster.
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