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Repair-Restore-Renew (RRR) - Round 1

FRRR's Repair-Restore-Renew (RRR) Program helps communities recover from natural disasters, by providing grants that help to address community needs that begin to emerge 12-18 months after the disaster event. FRRR's experience shows that this is the time when the focus often moves to community recovery, as individual needs have often been met. It is also the time when the rest of the world has often turned its attention to subsequent natural disasters.

The objective of the Repair-Restore-Renew (RRR) program is to deliver a collaborative, flexible and responsive grants program to support recovery from disaster, increase the resilience and capacity of community groups; and create new opportunities for partnership, enterprise and leadership in regions across rural and regional Australia.

The RRR program provides grants to support the medium-to-long term recovery of communities impacted by the cyclones and floods in Queensland and New South Wales in 2017. 

Affected regions in the Local Government Areas listed below are eligible for this program:

Local Government Regions: Queensland

Local Government Regions: New South Wales






Gold Coast


Scenic Rim



Clarence Valley



Richmond Valley



Thanks to the support of Australia Post, ANZ, John T Reid Charitable Trusts, Aussie Farmers' Foundation and numerous private donors, there is over $240,000 available to support community recovery, future preparedness and resilience.


Priority will be given to organisations run by and based in disaster affected communities over those delivering services to, but not based in disaster affected areas. Please note no specific tax status is required. 

The RRR program is deliberately broad and flexible to enable funds to be directed to a diverse range of recovery needs and priorities in affected communities. The focus areas below are intended to support applicants in being clear about the recovery outcomes their projects aim to achieve. Applicants are required to nominate the focus area most closely aligned with their project:

  • Building Community Resilience;
  • Developing Organisational Resilience and Capacity;
  • Enhancing Environmental Sustainability;
  • Fostering Cultural Vibrancy;
  • Economic Strength;
  • Improving Community Health & Social Wellbeing.

What can be funded?

Applicants are encouraged to ensure project applications suit their local community’s needs, priorities and interests. Some examples (indicative only) of the kinds of projects that could be funded include:

  • Projects that enhance community connectivity, wellbeing and resilience;
  • Projects that increase inclusiveness and participation of disadvantaged, marginalised or at-risk members of the impacted community;
  • Minor infrastructure such as tourist sites, community halls and meeting places;
  • Tools and equipment to boost community capacity to fundraise and provide local support such as trailers, emergency services, training, signage, water tanks, and BBQs;
  • Communication mediums such as community radio, UHF networks, community newsletters (electronic / hard copy), community noticeboards;
  • Salaries and wages will be considered if part of a larger project.

Who can apply?

Grants from $100 to $15,000 will be provided to not-for-profit and community organisations (ABN or incorporation certificate required) based in, or working in eligible communities for projects that can clearly demonstrate the following:

  • Direct benefit to at least one of the communities that were affected or impacted by cyclone or flooding during 28 March to 6 April 2017;
  • Have a charitable purpose (benefit the wider community);
  • Contribute to local community recovery in the areas of social and community wellbeing, economic recovery, environmental recovery, health, education, and culture;
  • A benefit to the community in the medium to long term recovery process (12 months on following the natural disaster);
  • It does not duplicate an existing service or program;
  • The project will occur post October 2018.


Applications for Round 1 are now closed.

FRRR uses an online grants administration system. All applications for the Repair-Restore-Renew (RRR) program will be submitted via FRRR's Grants Gateway online portal.
Please download and save the How-To Guide and the Grants Gateway FAQs to your desktop, and read through them thoroughly to help get you started. You may need to refer to them during the application process. We also encourage you to watch this introductory clip about the 'Activity Tree' (formerly referred to as the Purpose Tree), which you'll need to understand to apply.

To begin your application, click on the Apply Now button below.

PLEASE NOTE: Ensure there are only numbers in your budget, or the auto-calculate function won't work - i.e. do not include commas, full stops or dollar signs - only numbers.

Let us know if you have any problems by calling 1800 170 020, or emailing

For more information on this process, please read the following documents:

Grants Gateway Apply Now
Grants Gateway Return to applications
Further information

Before applying, please read the Guidelines and supporting information carefully. If you have any queries or wish to discuss your project, please contact the Grant Coordinator Hannah Jakab on 1800 170 020 or via email.

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