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26 Sep 2018 Kitchen refit increases income opportunities for Burren Junction CWA

The Burren Junction Country Women's Association (CWA) rooms are the only ones in town with catering facilities that can be hired. The rooms are used regularly but the kitchen needed to be updated to meet work health and safety laws.After being nominated by a local grower, a $5,000 grant from the Aussie Cotton Farmers Grow Communities program, funded by Monsanto, the rooms received the much-needed face lift and has a safety compliant kitchen.

26 Sep 2018 Fly-In-Fly-Out Midwife

Tom Price in the West Pilbara in WA is a central service point for many surrounding communities, such as Paraburdoo. The area is home to many young families but since the local GP left, who was trained in obstetrics, there has been a huge gap in the maternity services available locally.The Nintirri Centre received a $5,000 Small Grants for Rural Communities grant to trial a fly-in, fly-out midwife service, particularly focused on three Aboriginal communities. The funding went towards the monthly travel and accommodation costs for the FIFO midwife.Overall, it was a great success.

26 Sep 2018 Fundraising account supports military museum

The Atherton Rotary Club wanted to restore a historic military igloo built in the 1940s and used during the war in the Pacific.The igloo was an essential space for social activities for thousands of patients and staff from the Rocky Creek Hospital.A fundraising campaign, using an FRRR fundraising account and a $20,000 grant from the Culture, Arts, Tourism and Community Heritage (CATCH) grants program allowed them to restore the facility and create a military museum.

26 Sep 2018 Bringing visitors Back to Bush

Hindmarsh Shire Youth Council (HSYC) used a $10,000 FRRR ABC Heywire Youth Innovation Grant to develop a local tourism guide for families. Their aim was to bring visitors 'Back To Bush'.HSYC wanted to attract families by showcasing the available entertainment, shopping facilities, and accommodation, along with local youth and family-friendly venues across Hindmarsh Shire.

7 Sep 2018 Building resilience in the wake of Cyclone Debbie

Cyclone Debbie severely impacted the whole community OF Bowen in 2017. Livelihoods and lives were lost; farms were destroyed as part of the damage bill totalling $3.5billion. Philanthropy has since helped the community on the road to recovery.

31 Aug 2018 Wirraminna on wheels

Wirraminna on Wheels is an education initiative funded by the Calvert-Jones Foundation via a $4,920 Small Grants for Rural Communities grant. It is an incursion program for preschool children in the Riverina region of NSW to develop ecological awareness.

31 Aug 2018 Glenburn growth project

The Glenburn Hall has become a crucial hub for community cohesion in Glenburn since the 2009 Victorian Bushfires, with good numbers of locals regularly attending community events. However the Hall Committee identified a problem of declining attendance, attributing it to poor acoustics.A Community Group Futures grant of $10,000, courtesy of the Victorian Bushfire Association Fund, funded the installation of special acoustic panelling.

31 Aug 2018 Dust off the drought day: women's retreat

The Northern Gulf Resource Management Group Ltd (NGRMG)used their Tackling Tough Times Together grant of $10,000, funded by the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation, to employ a Drought Extension Officer to co-ordinate the Dust Off the Drought event, to support the wellbeing and social resilience of rural women impacted by the strain of drought.

31 Aug 2018 EATing at Mulllewa Ag Show

The Mullewa and District Agricultural Show Society received a $4,909 grant from the Small Grants for Rural Communities program, funded by the Western Australian Community Foundations Charitable Trust. They used the funds to purchase equipment and materials to build an experiential trail for children and their families.

1 Aug 2018 Fitness program helps farmers tackle their health

GLENRAC in partnership with Rural Fit used a $9,826 Tackling Tough Times Together grant to deliver a Friends with Health Benefits program to Glen Innes farmers, helping to improve their fitness and overall health.

25 Jul 2018 New preschool opens in Carroll

In 2017, Ooranga received a grant through the Aussie Cotton Farmers Grow Communities program, which helped to convert the library into a wonderful space for early childhood education.The grant went towards preschool furniture, teaching resources and technology.

25 Jul 2018 Burke Shire's community fun day

The Burke Shire Council was one of the first recipients of a grant from the Tackling Tough Times Together program, which has now been running for three years.They received a $6,000 grant funded by the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation and teamed up with the Gregory Branch of the CWA to put on a great event that was attended by around 135 people in the remote township of Gregory.

25 Jul 2018 Catered training opportunity for Heyfield residents

The Heyfield Community Resource Centre used a $9,720 ANZ Seeds of renewal grant to provide a special training opportunity for people living with a disability in the community. They ran a hospitality and horticulture course that focused on developing practical skills and support employability.

16 Jul 2018 Festival shines light on iconic red gums

The red gums around Cavendish are beautiful, and many within the local community love them. The Cavendish community's inaugural Red Gum Festival, funded in part by a $3,410 grant from FRRR, used an arts and cultural approach to raise awareness about local environmental issues. Art drew the crowd, and data and awareness will preserve the red gums. The Red Gum Festival was chosen to participate in the Art Resides Here project as the community is using the appeal of arts and cultural activities to raise awareness about the local environment.

16 Jul 2018 Making a dream a reality through a dreamtime story

Nathalia and District Development Corporation - NADDCO - received $2,899 for the Bardi Gras Group to develop an illustrated book and an audio DVD of an Aboriginal Dreamtime children's story called Po-bank Bunyma Bapalwa (Po-Bank Creates a Flood), based on Tiddalik the Frog, in both English and Yorta Yorta. The community was chosen to be part of the Art Resides Here project because it brings an Indigenous lens and works at an inter-generational level, involving the whole community in this broad arts project.

16 Jul 2018 Artistic approach to educating children about fire safety

The 2009 Victorian Bushfires were the impetus for the Strathewen and Arthurs Creek CFA to forge a strong creative partnership with the local school. They received a number of grants from FRRRs VBAF programs to support the ongoing recovery of the community. Their participation in the Art Resides Here project will give them the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and the role these artistic mediums have played in the ongoing recovery of the community, and enable them to share their stories with others.

16 Jul 2018 Taking a long-term view for sustainable arts outcomes

The Friends of St Brigid's are working hard to preserve their local church, knowing that infrastructure and cultural heritage are vital to a healthy and connected community. Over the years, FRRR has supported the local community with several grants via its CATCH program to improve the facilities at the Hall. An FRRR Not-For-Profit Fundraising Account is helping them raise the additional funds needed to achieve their vision for the Centre. The FOSB has been invited to participate in the Art Resides Here project because of their dedication to maintaining a venue that supports local arts and cultural events.

16 Jul 2018 Rupanyup community groups focus on local needs

FRRR has funded a range of arts projects in Rupanyup, all aimed at building an engaged and vibrant community. Each of these projects may not, on the surface, appear to be a typical 'Arts' project. However, the collective investment in activities and equipment has helped to create and sustain a vibrant community. The Art Resides Here project will give the Rupanyup community the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and share their stories with others.

27 Jun 2018 Reaching out through innovation

An ANZ Seeds of Renewal grant for $5,800 helped fund the development of an app for the Napranum Parents and Learning Group, making education more accessible to Indigenous parents and families living in remote areas.

27 Jun 2018 Warren Historical Society's welcomed renovation

A $5,000 grant from the Aussie Cotton Farmers Grow Communities program allowed the Warren Historical and Family History Society to repair its floor and install air conditioners so the space can be used all year round.

27 Jun 2018 Entertainment program music to Nursing Home residents' ears

A $1,000 grant provided by FRRR's Caring for Ageing Rural Australians (CARA) program is enriching the lives of the residents of the Rupanyup Nursing Home.

27 Jun 2018 Dual-purpose path puts communities on the road to success

A bike and pedestrian-friendly path on WA's Turquoise Coast, made possible by an FRRR Tailored Grant, creates a drawcard for visitors to the region, as well as an attractive lifestyle option for local residents.

25 May 2018 High school students tackle ICE epidemic in Tasmania

The small town of Smithton, in Tasmania was in the grips of an ice epidemic, and this project developed a documentary targeted at high school students, highlighting how dangerous the ICE drug was to them and the community.

25 May 2018 Fitness connects a community and saves lives

The Fit For Free program was developed and implemented by Toolangi Castella District Community House Inc (TCDCH) for a community community in Victoria that was severely impacted by the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009.

25 May 2018 Raising awareness of drink and drug driving amongst youth

A youth transport forum run by the STEER Project in 2013 revealed the shocking fact that one third of Year 10 students had suffered a personal loss associated with a car crash, and other community forums about traffic safety were so well attended that there was standing room only.

25 May 2018 Art at the h.ART gets Lobethal beating

The Hills Art (h.ART) initiative aimed to engage people through art via a pop-up art gallery, and what better place to do this than the empty space at the old Mill, which is now also known as the Adelaide Hills Business and Tourism Centre.

27 Apr 2018 Helping little kids with their big feelings after bushfires

Arthurs Creek Strathewan CFA were given a $15,730 grant from the Grants for Resilience and Wellness program funded by Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund to deliver the Strathewen Primary School Fire Awareness Program, designed to support local students and help build their confidence around fire safety and preparedness.

27 Apr 2018 You should be dancing!

Through the Tackling Tough Times Together program and the support of the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation, FRRR provided an $11,000 grant to help bring dance back to the communities of Winton and Blackall, Qld.

27 Feb 2018 "It's real and it's happening now-

Farmers for Climate Action know that the winds of change are upon farming in Australia and want to do something about it, with the help of an FRRR Not-for-profit fundraising account.

16 Jan 2018 Upper Murray Innovation Foundation goes from strength to strength

Upper Murray Innovation Foundation utilises an FRRR Not For Profit Fundraising Account to access philanthropic funding for community-led solutions.

19 Dec 2017 Swim to survive - but first we need to get to the pool!

The community of Nyabing has provided primary school students with invaluable swimming lessons thanks to $1,500 from FRRR's REAPing Rewards program, and money raised by Nyabing Primary School Parents and Citizens Association.

19 Dec 2017 Gulf Graziers BeefUp Showcase

Beef Up Karumba brought together beef industry and supply chain experts to a small number of people who feed a large group of people, and presented an opportunity for participants to socialise with a Gala Ball held at the end of the two days. It was supported through FRRR's TTTT program.

19 Dec 2017 Hope for pregnant teens in North West NSW

Many small towns in North West NSW are stuck in cycles of generational disadvantage, with high rates of pregnancy among teenagers. Anglicare Northern Inland (ANI) Diocese of Armidale used a $5,000 grant through FRRR's Aussie Cotton Farmers Grow Communities program to help fund a pilot program called Hope for Life.

19 Dec 2017 Students rumble at The Unconformity

The Rumble was the opening event for the Unconformity Biennial Art Festival in October 2016, supported by FRRR and the Bertalli Family Foundation. It inspired and engaged local students, and now art is on the curriculum.

28 Nov 2017 Pinnaroo Primary produce a smash hit

The Pinnaroo Primary School, SA, were awarded a REAPing Rewards grant of $2,896,to engaged professional lighting and sound technicians to revive the end of year festivities.

28 Nov 2017 New piano brings talent back to Pemberton Mill Hall

Thanks to a $5,000 Small Grant for Rural Communities (SGRC) and some local community fundraising, the Hall Restoration Committee purchased a new piano for the Pemberton Mill Hall.

28 Nov 2017 A closer community thanks to Carinda Comment

Carinda, a remote community in NSW affected by drought and job losses, received funding to revive its local newsletter, The Carinda Comment.

28 Nov 2017 Teaching healthy lifestyle choices and having a chat might 'Save your bacon'

Rural Health Tasmania collaborated with other local service providers to hold two 'Talk About It - Save Your Bacon' wellbeing events; one with a focus on isolated families and one for local youth.

27 Sep 2017 Innovative solutions to challenging problems in nine NSW LGAs

The grant recipients for the third and final round of Innovation for Community Impact (I4CI) Program have been announced. More than $236,000 in grants will be shared between thirteen community organisations across NSW to support locally-led initiatives addressing pressing social issues.

8 Aug 2017 Victorian Bushfire Recovery Grants Announced

16 community groups received funding to support long-term recovery and resilience projects for communities affected by the 2009 Victorian bushfires.

27 Jun 2017 Community Foundation Account partnership in practice

The Tumut Community Foundation reports that their partnership with Visy and FRRR has made a tangible difference in their community, aiding capacity building and supporting some fantastic achievements by community groups.

31 Jul 2015 Generosity Mag, July 2015: Small is in the eye of the beholder

All grant makers have enormous power - our responsibility is to listen to local needs, understand the scale of the impact a grant can achieve, and 'walk in their shoes'. So don't dismiss small grants–they can deliver value and make a tangible difference, especially in rural, regional and remote Australia.

24 Mar 2014 Foundation for Rural&Regional Renewal: Use us

This article with the Generosity Magazine explores FRRR's role as a 'philanthropic toothbrush': designed to get to those hard-to-reach places.-Increasingly, philanthropists and PAFs are coming to understand what we can offer, but our message is always going to be Use Us,- Gartmann says. -Partner with us, use us as we were intended–as a conduit for philanthropic and other funding to get to regional, rural, and remote communities.-

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