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A key part of FRRR's role is sharing stories about connecting communities, showing local leaders how others have solved a particular issue, and highlighting the needs and gaps in rural and regional Australia. This page features some of those case studies and grants in action.

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Please note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are warned that from time to time, articles may contain images or comments from deceased persons.

Date Story heading Story summary
30 Sep 2020 Friends of St Brigid's get creative during COVID

The Friends of St Brigid's (FoSB) Association Inc has a long partnership with FRRR, opening a Not-for-Profit Fundraising Account in 2011, which was subsequently renewed in regularly in the intervening years, and again this year. The Fundraising Account assists them to raise much needed funds to contribute to ongoing facilities upgrades

30 Sep 2020 Hort training in Jarlmadangah

A nursery in the remote Kimberley region of WA has sprouted a new lease of life, thanks to a $5,000 grant from FRRR's Small Grants for Rural Communities program. The Jarlmadangah Burru Aboriginal Corporation Elders and community established a community nursery to enhance the local environment and to revegetate degraded areas of the national heritage-listed Fitzroy River.

30 Sep 2020 Powering the SES in emergencies

Severe thunderstorms are nothing new in the Clermont region of central Queensland. But the super cell that hit in the wake of Cyclone Debbie in 2017 was next level. A grant from FRRR's Repair-Restore-Renew program for $14,712 enabled the Clermont SES to purchase and install a backup diesel generator.

30 Sep 2020 Feeling in need of a grease and oil change?

Mental and physical health is especially important in rural and remote areas, where resources are scarce and communities may be struggling with unique environmental challenges. An $11,200 grant from the FRRR's Tackling Tough Times Together program meant that Grease and Oil Change could address these issues.

30 Sep 2020 New approach to pain in SA neck of the woods

With the help of an ECHO grant, The Pain Revolution, in conjunction with the University of South Australia, set out to establish a community-led health initiative to promote best-practice pain management services in country NSW and Victoria.

31 Aug 2020 Alexandra's Beasties connect a community

A youth-focused community mural project has led to increased connection to place, the natural environment, and engagement in cultural activities at the Alexandra Primary School.

31 Aug 2020 Healthy Wheatbelt Women

A Small Grant funded by a private donor has helped reduce isolation, build networks and strengthen physical and mental wellness for nearly 100 women in south west Western Australia.

31 Aug 2020 500 Miles of Music

With the help of a $19,000 TTTT grant funded by the Australian Government, the 500 Miles of Music event lifted the spirits of the locals by enabling them to come together to enjoy music, and also provided a boost to the local economy.

31 Aug 2020 North Star's life-saving grant

An Aussie Cotton Farmers Grow Communities grant, funded by the Bayer Fund, has enabled the North Star Sporting Club in northern NSW to purchase a defibrillator and three first aid kits.

17 Aug 2020 INTERVIEW: Mark Muller, Editor-in-Chief, R.M.Williams Publishing Pty Ltd

At the height of the bushfire crisis this past summer, R.M.Williams announced a long-term partnership with FRRR.In a recent interview, Editor-in-Chief of R.M.Williams OUTBACK magazine Mark Muller explained that the partnership came about because the company was seeking a practical, independent and respected pathway for R.M.Williams to give back across the country.He said that it was FRRR's connections and insights, as well as rigorous governance processes, that led R.M.Williams to partner with FRRR. -The grant recipients are organisations and endeavours that we wouldn't necessarily know about ourselves, but are a vital part of the underlying warp and weft of what makes communities strong.-

23 Jul 2020 Country Music Club no place for vintage computers

The Country Music Club of Boyup Brook (CMCBB) in WA received a 2019 ANZ Seeds of Renewal grant in the form of three Lenovo Thinkpads to plan and implement its annual arts activities. The new IT equipment not only supports the event's future operations, but has also increased the productivity and skill development.

23 Jul 2020 Greening the Sunset Strip Village

Sunset Strip Village's community centre precinct has been transformed into a green oasis, thanks to a $19,070 TTTT grant funded by the Australian Government. The drought stricken community's local Progress Association purchased important items including a submersible pump.

23 Jul 2020 Improvements to Thallon's War Memorial

A $5,000 Aussie Cotton Farmers Grow Communities grants, funded by the Monsanto Fund, enabled the TPA to embark on another stage of the project, bringing them closer to completing this special memorial that will ensure those from the Thallon district who served in battle will never be forgotten.

23 Jul 2020 Community tree planting in Peppimenarti and Nganmarriyanga

An SRC grant for $4,946, funded with the support of the John T Reid Charitable Trusts, helped address long-term food security, as well as create more inviting, welcoming and cool streets in the remote Indigenous homelands of Peppimenarti and Nganmarriyanga in the Northern Territory.

24 Jun 2020 Ripples of resilience on Eyre Peninsula

A $20,000 Tackling Tough Times Together grant has made a significant difference to the lives of more than 50 year 10 students - and their families - on the Eyre Peninsula, in South Australia. The grant, funded by the Australian Government, went toward the salaries and operational costs of delivering the Youth Opportunities program.

24 Jun 2020 St George's safe haven for those in need

A disused unit attached to the meeting rooms of the St George branch of the Queensland Country Women's Association is now a haven for families in need. An Aussie Cotton Farmers Grow Communities grant for $5,000 helped to renovate and being furnishing the facility, which is now a safe place for victims of domestic violence, or rural families needing somewhere comfortable to stay when in town.

24 Jun 2020 Governance workshops for not-for-profit aged care services

A small grant for rural communities helped to make governance training accessible in regional WA. The training was tailored to community-based not-for-profit aged care services, and covered duties and responsibilities of directors, their roles and

5 Jun 2020 Mental Health with celebrity Osher Gunsberg a hit in Robinvale

Through FRRR's In a Good Place program, funded by CCI Giving, Robinvale Network House secured funds to have celebrity Osher Gunsberg speak about his struggle with mental illness. The aim was to encourage the community to speak up and be part of the conversation surrounding mental health and AOD issues.

31 Mar 2020 Tackling tough times in the Tablelands

The Tablelands Regional Council (TRC) and Northern Gulf Resource Management Group (NGRMG) have worked together to deliver a range of drought relief projects that contributed to connectedness, social wellbeing and increased access and awareness to support services. A $15,000 Tackling Tough Times Together grant, funded by the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation, enabled TRC to consult and engage gardening experts to design and deliver the workshops. The funding also covered ancillary costs such as the promotion of the events, catering and workshop materials.

28 Mar 2020 Coonabarabran's Feast of Words

Coonabarabran High School's P&C received a Small Grants for Rural Communities grant of $4,500, funded by The Yulgilbar Foundation, to host an eclectic group of writers to their 2018 Writers festival.The group included some familiar with Coonabarabran and the local area, and others who were not.

17 Dec 2019 JUTE keeps Indigenous storytelling alive

With the support of a $15,000 ANZ Seeds of Renewal grant, JUTE was able to take its 2019 show, The Longest Minute to ten North Queensland schools in very remote locations with significant numbers of Indigenous students.

17 Dec 2019 Raising drug awareness in Lake Grace

In Lake Grace, a town in Western Australia's Eastern Wheatbelt, Lake Grace Community Resource Centre (CRC) tackled the health crisis they were facing from drug and alcohol use in the community by facilitating several drug awareness and information sessions and helping to set up a Local Drug Action Group.

17 Dec 2019 Cowell Silo art project

The Franklin Harbour Community Development Group sought to expand their local tourism market in a bid to stimulate the local economy, which has been adversely affected by the flow on effects from a community in drought.

25 Nov 2019 Catch a Lenovo in the desert

The Desert Uplands Committee (DUC) in central western Queensland received three Lenovo laptops valued at $4,047 via an ANZ Seeds of Renewal grant. Identification and eradication of weed infestations is a major part of the DUC's landcare work.These computers have enhanced the capacities of the landholders in managing their properties and resources, with multi-property data being easily collected, collated, analysed and then fed back to the land managers. The IT upgrade has modernised the operations of the Committee, enabling them to have near-paperless meetings, and activating processes in near-real time.

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