Targeted Impact

...small to medium grants for projects that focus on major issues causing disadvantage and inequity

The programs under the Targeted Impact stream provide grants for projects that respond to and address issues causing or influencing disadvantage and inequity in rural, regional and remote communities across Australia. FRRR and our partners seek to support projects that are preventative as well as responsive in their approaches, and seek to understand the need and evidence base for the project, its approach, and intended outcomes in grant applications.

Examples of the focus of targeted impact programs include community-led approaches to improving mental health outcomes, supporting communities to adapt and recover from the impacts of drought and natural disasters, investing in youth leadership, and improving access to primary healthcare.

Programs in this stream are typically time-limited rather than ongoing. Grants are typically above $15,000 and for single year or at times multi-year projects. Each program has its own discrete objectives, parameters, and focus areas. Specific details about each program can be found on their respective pages. For all programs, please read the information and program guidelines carefully and lodge an application to the one you feel is most appropriate, rather than make multiple applications.

Details of the Targeted Impact programs currently available are below.

Grant Program Summary Status Key dates
Stronger Community Foundations

Stronger Community Foundations is a program specifically supporting five Community Foundations or Trusts that were established in regions affected by the 2009 Victorian Bushfires to support long-term recovery in impacted communities.

OPEN Application by invitation only
FRRR ABC Heywire Youth Innovation Grants

Grants to help rural communities tackle the issues concerning young people across rural, regional and remote Australia.

CLOSED Awarded
Westpac Foundation Community Grants

Westpac Foundation has partnered with FRRR to offer Westpac Foundation's Rural Community Grants to rural and regional communities. These grants provide support for education and training projects that offer a pathway to employment and a way out of...

CLOSED Awarded
Enhancing Country Health Outcomes (ECHO)

The Enhancing Country Health Outcomes (ECHO) grant program aims to improve primary health outcomes for people living in rural, regional and remote Victoria and New South Wales.

CLOSED Assessing
Visy Tumut Region Recovery Fund

The Pratt Foundation Visy Tumut Region Recovery Fund supports local not-for-profit organisations and community groups delivering locally-led projects and activities that endeavour to support people in the Snowy Valleys Council region with their re...

CLOSED Awarded
News Corp Bushfire Fund Grants

News Corp has partnered with FRRR to provide support to not-for-profit community organisations delivering locally led projects and activities that endeavour to support people in their recovery as a result of the 2019/2020 bushfires. 

CLOSED Assessing
In a Good Place

In a Good Place is a national grants program funded by CCI Giving that provides support for community-driven initiatives that reduce social isolation, increase social participation and connectedness, and encourage people in rural, regional and rem...

CLOSED Assessing
ANZ Seeds of Renewal

An ANZ funded program that aims to help build thriving communities in rural, regional and remote areas of Australia through the provision of grants. Seeds of Renewal also offers information technology (IT) equipment, thanks to ANZ’s technology par...

CLOSED Assessing
Community Group Futures

The Community Group Futures program is aimed at helping not-for-profit organisations affected by the 2009 Victorian bushfires to think beyond day to day operations and look ahead to ensure they can meet ongoing community needs.

CLOSED Assessing
GR&W Kinglake Ranges

Program with the specific focus on providing support for community-strengthening, resilience-building and small infrastructure projects in the Kinglake Ranges, following the 2009 Victorian Bushfires.

CLOSED Assessing
Grants for Resilience & Wellness (GR&W)

Program with the specific focus of providing assistance towards community-strengthening and resilience-building projects for communities affected by the 2009 Victorian bushfires to build strength and capacity for the future.

CLOSED Assessing
Tackling Tough Times Together (Always Open)

The Tackling Tough Times Together program helps communities access the resources they need to support one another through the drought. Open year round, grants up to $20,000 and $60,000 are available, with a two stage application process invited fo...

OPEN Round 18 Assessing; R19 Apps due 22 October

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