FRRR ABC Heywire Youth Innovation Grants

FRRR and Heywire are collaborating to help communities put into
action the great ideas generated by the 32 young Australians who attended the 2013 Heywire Regional Youth Summit. 

ABC Radio’s Heywire Regional Youth Summit has been held
annually in Canberra since 1998. The summit is open to people aged
16-22, living in regional or rural Australia, and designed to involve young people in a national conversation.

The seven ideas project ideas that communities were invited to adopt and adapt were:

  1. Farmers’ Future - Valuing Food Producers
  2. Cutting the Red Tape - Building Vibrant Regional Communities for Young People
  3. The Green Room - Mental Health
  4. Getting the Balance Right Media - Representation of Youth
  5. Breaking Down the Door - Acceptance of LGBT Communities
  6. Keys Please - Drink Driving
  7. Fresh Faced Friday - Body Image

FRRR is pleased that we were able to support a total of nine projects across Australia – one project each for the ideas, and an additional project for each of The Green Room and Breaking Down the Door, as these ideas proved most popular. To see which communities are putting into action the great ideas click here  and to read more about them in detail click here . These applications tapped into the strengths of young people and adapt the project to their own local situation, although many other great applications were also received in this innovative program.

FRRR and ABC are excited to follow these groups over the coming year as they implement their projects. We will be sure to keep you posted via our e-news, facebook, twitter  and you may also find out more from Heywire and your local ABC Radio as updates occur.