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FRRR ABC Heywire Youth Innovation Grants

FRRR and ABC Heywire are proud to again collaborate to help communities take action on the great ideas generated by the 40 young Australian who attended the 2014 Heywire Regional Youth Summit.

FRRR joined forces with ABC Radio in 2013 and the positive impact of the inaugural grants are already being felt.

Watch this short video on the 2013 program’s impact to see how three ideas have been implemented to create real change. You can also find out about the nine 2013 grant recipients.

The 2014 FRRR ABC Heywire Youth Innovation Grants program is currently CLOSED.

This year, FRRR is providing up to $100,000 to assist not-for-profit organisations in regional Australian communities to ‘adopt’ and act on one of eight innovative Heywire project ideas: 

  1. Beating The Blues In The Bush - Mental Health
  2. All Women - Gender Equality
  3. E-Raced - Migration
  4. The Tools Of Survival - First Aid and Education
  5. One Mob - Multiculturalism
  6. TRACTA: - Try Rural Australian Careers, Try Agriculture - Young People in Farming
  7. Mirror Mirror On The Screen - Drugs and Alcohol
  8. "It's OK to Ask" Day - Community Spirit and Volunteering

This video provides a brief overview of the eight ideas that are the focus of this year’s grant program.

There is up to $10,000 available to pilot one Heywire project idea in at least eight communities. Applications that tap into the strengths of young people and adapt the project to their own local situation are encouraged.

Successful grant applicants will have control over how the project is implemented in their community, but will be encouraged to make contact with the young people who initially developed the idea (facilitated by Heywire).


Before applying ensure you download and read each of the following documents:

  • 2014 Heywire Youth Summit Report
  • 2014 FRRR Heywire Youth Innovation Grant guidelines
  • 2014 FRRR Heywire Youth Innovation Grant application form

We strongly recommend that you also review the Heywire website to see more information on the project idea your community is thinking about adopting before applying.

Applications close 5pm Friday 13 June 2014,  and can be submitted via email, or by post. If sent by mail, they must be postmarked by 5pm, Friday 13 June 2014. The completed forms, and all supporting material, should be should be sent to:

FRRR ABC Heywire Youth Innovation Grants
PO Box 41,
Bendigo, Vic 3552

The communities selected to pilot the programs will be announced mid-August. Note, projects must be implemented in rural, regional or remote Australia as defined by ABC Heywire (projects located in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney are not eligible.)

It's an incredible feeling. It changes your life knowing that even as a teenager from the country you can make a real difference.

Dayna Duncan, Heywire Winner from Arno Bay, SA

Further information

For further information or to support the FRRR ABC Heywire Youth Innovation Grants program, speak with Program Manager, Sophie Burke on 1800 170 020.

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